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It's a relief having the midterm elections over. Like everyone else, some of my candidates won and some lost. Now it's time to accept the results and move on. I have a feeling of optimism that things will somehow begin to get better. Hopefully I am not alone.

I did not vote for Gov. Kim Reynolds, but I accept that she won fair and square. I do sincerely wish her the best and support her as she works for Iowa.

There is something that I feel strongly about and hope for. It's the fact that she won by a very narrow margin. Almost half of voting Iowans chose to vote against her. As a result, I hope that she reexamines her many state issues and always remembers that she is in Des Moines to serve all Iowans, not just those who voted for her. 

It's great about her new distinction of being the very first elected female governor in the state of Iowa. She has my full backing and I wish her well. Congratulations, Gov. Reynolds. 

Rick Sundin, Jr.



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