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Who benefited the most from releasing the list of questions special counsel Robert Mueller wants to ask Trump? Mueller has already dismissed a couple of folks from the investigation for slight infractions. If Trump's lawyers released the list and then blamed Mueller, one more false charge in favor of ending the collusion investigation is out there.

Who are you going to believe? Mueller is a decorated Marine war hero, a Republican, the longest-serving FBI director since J. Edgar Hoover appointed by George W. Bush, a graduate of Princeton University, a U.S. attorney, the U.S. assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division. And he was appointed by Republicans as special counsel overseeing Russian interference in American politics.

Or are you siding with a man who often publicly bragged of sexual abuse of women, admited numerous extramarital affairs, has three wives, has been accused by multiple women of harassment, assault or other abusive sexual behavior? Would you believe a man sued by building contractors he wouldn't pay, wedding caterers he wouldn't pay, illegal immigrant workers he brought to America and wouldn't pay? He's a president documented to have told nearly 2,000 lies in just his first year in office. 

Who are you going to believe? You make the call and then look into a mirror.

James Turley