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I spent a lot of time in Muscatine with my grandmother, and I have family who still live there. The recent antics of the city administrator and City Council members disturb me a great deal.

Apparently, these folks don't realize who they work for, or who elected them to office. The city administrator's recent lawsuit against the mayor and city speaks volumes regarding his "character" and reputation.

His past behavior and total disregard for the people of Muscatine and who they elected as their mayor shows that he thinks he's the person in charge. I have no doubt in my mind he most likely said things in private to Mayor Diana Broderson, who then made his disparaging comments public knowledge.

Now he's scrambling to repair the damage he himself caused, by suing the mayor and city with his hand out for a big payout. Hasn't he already cost the city enough in inappropriate legal expenses? The city administrator damaged his own reputation and is not entitled to any type of financial compensation for being an arrogant bully. He obviously never learned the lesson that you never say anything in private that you wouldn't want made public, especially when you're in politics.

Kudos to Mayor Broderson on her re-election and with three new City Council members, perhaps she can begin to do her job and work hard for the people of Muscatine.

Sandy Laughlin


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