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At 7 p.m. on Sunday, I will be at the Tri-City Jewish Center at the Yom Hashoa Holocaust remembrance. This event will feature a holocaust survivor, who was a child when Jews were being killed in Germany. She had to leave everyone she loved behind, and escaped to Belgium.

People might ask me, “Why would a Muslim go to a Holocaust remembrance?” Today, more than ever, we are seeing the effects of hatred and bigotry in our society. Over the past two years, hate incidents against people of color, Jews, Muslims, immigrants and others have increased in number. The National Alliance, a white supremacist organization, has been recruiting in our community.

Thankfully, in our Quad-Cities community, people of all faiths, and no particular faith, have stood together for peace, social justice and respect of all members of our human family. We know that we cannot afford to just look the other way.

If we forget the historical lessons of the Holocaust, we are bound to see history repeating itself.

I, for one, will never forget.

Please join us Sunday.

Lisa Z. Killinger


Editor's note: Killinger is president of Muslim Community of the Quad-Cities and a member of Yom Hashoa Committee