This is in reply to the article in the Quad City Times on Sept. 26, "Grassley: Dems 'blinded by hatred' of (President) Trump."

I am an independent, not blinded by partisan hatred. Dislike, disgust, yes — and pity, most certainly, but I don't waste hatred on the likes of Trump. The problem is Trump refuses to put country over self. His main concern is his bank account. He has benefited financially from his office, while whining about losing money.

President Bill Clinton's impeachment, drummed up by Republican "blind hatred," was based on one lie. Trump has told over 12,000 and counting.

President Richard Nixon's impeachment, which was nipped in the bud by his resignation, was indeed legitimate.

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There are myriad reasons to impeach Trump. The charge of trying to bribe a foreign leader to produce disparaging information on a political rival is the most egregious. He has dissed our allies and sucked up to the world's dictators. He has systematically rolled back all of President Obama's accomplishments. (Talk about blind hatred.) He doesn't believe in the world's most pressing problem: climate change. He doesn't know how government works. There are plenty more examples. Sen. Grassley, your fealty to him is inexplicable. Republican partisanship, maybe?

Karen Brei 


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