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Letter: No honor in treason

Letter: No honor in treason


Kudos to the gentleman from Fulton on his letter the other day about how the Confederates were traitors, so why should we honor them. I would differ with him slightly on one point. He stated he considered the Americans in the Revolutionary War to be traitors as they too were rebelling against their government.

I believe there is a key difference. Great Britain was essentially a foreign power which did not allow the colonists any say in how they were governed. The classic cry of ".. no taxation without representation.." captures the essence of the situation. The Confederates, on the other hand, were rebelling against a legally elected president who won the election in accordance with the U.S. Constitution.

Furthermore, President Lincoln made no threats or actions even during the campaign to end slavery. The Republican Party platform did not call for it to be abolished; it did call for it not to be extended into new territories, particularly in the West, but there were no threats made to move into the South and free the slaves.

The "states rights" the South talked about was their right to brutally enslave their fellow man. The North went to war not to free the slaves but to preserve the Union. Eventually, as the war went on, freeing the slaves became a part of the effort to preserve the Union; particularly when Black troops joined in the fight.

One can acknowledge the fact the Confederates fought bravely and well, but they shouldn't be honored for treason.

Randy Slusser

Rock Island


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