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The chant, "Who's going to build the wall? Mexico is," was nothing more than campaign rhetoric and a con.

If a wall is going to be installed, you and I the taxpayer will pay for it.

We will pay for the $2 trillion additional debt caused by the tax cuts for the wealthy. If we shop, we pay indirectly for the tariffs on goods coming into this country. Also, we pay when someone goes to the hospital with no insurance.

Everyone is for border security. One wants a wall and the other one wants 21st century technology, such as drones, seismic detectors, cameras, more drugs-sniffing dogs and more staff at ports of entry.

The town of Nogales, Texas, has more than 100 tunnels leading in from Mexico.

Most drugs move through ports of entry on trains, semis and SUVs. Other shipments are by boats, submarines, a night fleet of airplanes and drones. The cartels are very ingenious.

Those people coming here are coming for economic reasons, or fear, and no one is going to walk 2,000 miles to come in and rape someone.

As a point of information, there are bridges out or in dire need of repair in just about every state in the union. Sick people have to drive 100 miles out of the way to get to a hospital, and if they have a heart attack, they may not make it.

This is where money is needed, not for a monument.

Charles Muscovalley

Rock Island

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