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A recent letter writer claimed that the recent shutdown in federal government was needed to secure our border. This is simply not true. The five-week shutdown only caused pain for the 800,000 federal workers that failed to receive a paycheck, 8,000 of those right here in Illinois.

When it comes to border security, Sen. Dick Durbin has a record of showing a willingness to negotiate and has supported comprehensive immigration reform. He has said time and time again that he supports smart and effective border security, such as increased funding for technology at legal ports of entry -- where the majority of illegal drugs enter our country, according to our customs and border officials -- and an increase in customs personnel.

What he cannot support -- and what the majority of Americans do not support -- is spending American taxpayer dollars on the president's campaign promise of a big and beautiful wall.

I appreciate Sen. Durbin for working across the aisle to find fair solutions to one of the biggest challenges facing our country. I hope this latest unnecessary shutdown is the last one we ever see.

Gregg Johnson

East Moline

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