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“This isn’t normal.” We in the North Scott community agree.

Moving on with a “collective shrug and a sigh?” No. What gave you that impression? Was it because there have been no political protests or public outrage to warrant a media circus?

Outrage at what, by the way? A 12-year-old kid? His family? Guns?

We all should be horrified by the reality of a 12-year-old student allegedly putting a gun to his teacher’s head. But is outrage the best response?

We are proud of the teacher who courageously averted a tragedy. Our school officials have handled the situation with professionalism, compassion and wisdom. Appropriate steps of action are being taken. Our administrators and teachers love our kids and are committed to their safety.

Last spring, the churches surrounding North Scott gathered to prayer walk around all of our schools, praying for God’s protection. We give God thanks for His hand of protection on Aug. 31. Our church prayed for our schools at a prayer meeting the Wednesday night before the incident, and several members prayer walked around our schools the Sunday following while other members prepared notes of encouragement and support to the Jr. High teachers. We are involved in ministries to vulnerable youth. Other churches are doing similar things.

We are not in panic mode. We are not rioting in the streets. Sorry to disappoint. But, rest assured, we do care about the safety of our kids far more than with a shrug and a sigh.

Scott Pearson



Editor's note: Pearson is pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in  Eldridge.

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