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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has the audacity to be the self-proclaimed savior of the world and the United States.

She has the ability to spout declarations of stupidity with zero knowledge about any subject. Her financial wisdom is absent when listening to her comments concerning taxes. She can’t read a financial statement and understand its impact. Yet Cortez wants a 70 percent tax on the so-called rich, whether inherited or earned, when they pay the greatest percentage in taxes.

If Ocasio-Cortrez won a $400 million lottery and was taxed 70 percent would she still feel the same? Absolutely sad and regrettable for the country that this inept far-left socialist-Democrat was elected. We will pay the price for her ridiculous thoughts coupled with the the concrete absence of knowledge and experience.

Democrats who are running for president need to understand they were elected to work in Congress and preform their jobs. Are you willing to pay higher taxes, advocate socialism, give away your freedoms? Get involved and do something about it.

Tim Flemming


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