Letter: Not on the list

Letter: Not on the list


Rush Limbaugh said that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are guilty of a quid pro quo for promising to withhold aid from Israel if they don't change their stance on Gaza.

The one big difference compared to Trump/Ukraine, is that there is nothing wrong with that. Sanders and Warren are not cheating to win the 2020 election by pressuring Israel to announce a bogus investigation into Donald Trump.

Enlisting or extorting a foreign power for help to win an election was one of the Founding Fathers' biggest worries. They feared that someone would get elected president who was so corrupt that they would do what Trump has done. They almost did not put impeachment into the Constitution but decided they had to for that very reason.

Republicans just don't want to see it for what it is for the sake of power. Shame on them. And it's so ironic; subverting our elections is the furthest thing from 'America first.' It's 'Trump first' by a mile, then maybe America. But I doubt it; probably more like Trump again, then maybe golf on our dime, then possibly Russia.

Heck, America is somewhere on the list ... I think.

Tom Hebbeln



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