You are welcome. Yes, indeed I have been a long time subscriber, well over 60 years by now. I was even a paper carrier as a youth in the 1940's. So I have a long history with the Quad-City Times.

Unfortunately, I am not pleased with the current direction of the editorial page of the Times. It appears that the leadership of the paper imagines that they are leading the "resistance" in our local area. That and the editorial commentaries from the Washington Post Writers Group are mostly gossip or "their feelings" about various political activities. Since Charles Krauthammer passed,  there has been very little serious commentary from that group. Why not go local and solicit editorial stuff from across our Iowa-Illinois area? Get off of politics. Everyone is tired of it and doesn't give damn.

So if you must raise my subscription rate, please count me out, just cancel my subscription. I will miss the comics, however.

Lee Schneider


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