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For over two years President Trump and the Republicans have had total control over America's government. During that time they had ample opportunity to waste $5 billion on an unneeded and unwanted wall between America and Mexico, but they did not do it. Why? Because most Republicans do not want this wall, either.

Despite the publicity, immigration at the Mexican border is down from previous years. The people of Arizona and Texas do not want this wall. The true fact is that most of the illegal immigrants in American come from individuals overstaying legal visas issued by our government under the H-2B program, which allows companies such as President Trump's hotels and golf courses to staff their operations with individuals who are willing to work for non-livable wages.

President Trump and his wealthy company-owner friends are more responsible for illegal individuals in the U.S. than individuals who cross our borders illegally.

Most border applicants come to our country seeking asylum from poverty and unsafe environments in other countries. Blaming illegal immigrants is just a way for President Trump to create chaos in America to please our enemies. Between the "created" illegal immigration issue and damaging tariffs, the farmers of Illinois and Iowa are slowly being destroyed -- and how the farmers go the entire country goes. Contact your Republican legislators and tell them to open the government and stop hurting decent hard working Americans.

Thelma Morris

East Moline

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