Witnessing our great country slipping away is sad. The President is stomping on our laws, our people, and our values. He and the Republicans can't cope with reality. White people will become the minority worldwide, and barring people of color from America won't change that. Denying global warming is killing the planet and us. Imposing tariffs hurts middle-class American consumers. Giving the wealthy huge tax breaks could lead to a recession. Claiming that mental illness is the reason for mass shootings appeases the NRA. Cozying up to dictators and siding with them over Americans is disgraceful and dangerous. Urging Israel to bar Congresswomen is unthinkable. Trump isn't alone. Mitch McConnell lifted Russian sanctions, and a company close to Putin promptly offered to build a $200 million aluminum plant in Kentucky. I ask what our greedy, power worshiping President has done for America? Nothing.

Carol DeWilfond

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East Moline

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