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Letter: Paranoia

Letter: Paranoia

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In two separate letters submitted to this newspaper by Don Erbst, Sr. of Davenport and Don Goembel of Orion, they both conveniently ignore the elephant in the room, while they moan and whine about liberals and Democrats. Goembel, incredibly, almost hilariously, states that "[l]iberals/progressives endlessly accuse conservatives of lying. I have never, however, heard bona fide complaints."

Erbst, on the other hand, wants to compare Nazis with Democrats, and accuse Democrats of killing 60 million through abortions. Which could be interpreted to mean not a single Republican has ever had an abortion. I am certain plenty of conservatives/Republicans would disagree with all or most of your claims.

Now, may I mention that elephant in the room: Neither of these authors, nor most of the people who submit pro conservative views in this section, ever mention the name Donald Trump.

Paranoia runs rampant through the Republican Party. If told something often enough, you begin to believe it and don't have to mention the fabricator's name. Trump filed over 50 lawsuits challenging the results of the presidential election, and they were thrown out.

I know, I know, another huge conspiracy by the left, to keep a dictator out of power.

Mr. Goembel, I am sure if you researched hard enough, you might find one of the thousands of false claims that Trump has made, maybe even a bona fide one.

I hope you both sleep well on your My Pillow pillows. Take your meds first. Please.

John A. Rogers

Rock Island


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