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Private citizens with solar panels or wind turbines are connected to the same power grid as everyone else. When their equipment produces more power than they need, they are reimbursed for that excess power by the power companies. They are selling power on the grid but don’t have to pay to maintain the grid. That shifts more of this cost to consumers not using renewable energy equipment.

We help pay for their equipment through tax incentives. If they are going to receive payment for energy they sell, they should also help with the cost of distributing that energy. Not everyone can afford this equipment, especially people on a fixed income.

Currently, HSB185 and SSB1201 are being debated in the Iowa House and Senate. These bills would shift a fair portion of the cost of maintaining the power grid to the people selling excess energy back to the power companies. These bills will in no way remove incentives to use solar or wind. They will only make the playing field a little more level for everyone using the power grids.

Right now, it’s kind of like your neighbor borrowing your car to drive for Uber but not helping you pay for or maintain the car while still being paid for his driving services.

I am for using renewable energy sources, but I am also for everyone paying their fair share for the distribution of energy. Please join me in voicing your support for these two bills.

Fred Grunder


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