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Another mass shooting, and once again America mourns the victims of violence. On almost a daily basis, our own local news media shares reports of shootings and domestic abuse in our own community. When will this violence end? Not until we stand up, and continue to stand up, until effective action is taken at every level of government, from local to national.

It pains me to report that this past summer, One Human Family QCA failed in its attempt to launch a program in our community which we called "Violence Isn't the Answer." Our initial goal was to hold mini-events in significant local venues, which would introduce the program and invite others to join in our efforts.

Much to our surprise and disappointment, when we approached those in charge of those venues, seeking permission to hold these events on their property, our requests were rejected. While there were various reasons given, the most common, and disturbing, was that "It is too political." Standing against violence is too political?

Do they mean to say there is a political party that actually endorses violence? Are there elected officials that mourn the shooters rather than the victims? That is hard to believe. Until we stop viewing standing up against violence as a partisan political issue and start viewing it as a moral imperative and a pressing matter of public safety, the latest victims in Sutherland Springs, Texas will not be the last we will find ourselves mourning. When will we say "enough is enough?"

Rabbi Henry Jay Karp


Editor’s note: Karp is a member of One Human Family QCA

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