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Letter: Preventing pregnancy

Letter: Preventing pregnancy

In the name of heaven, what is wrong with people who have been tasked with serving and representing the citizens of this country? The entire substance of this letter is found in one statement: teach human beings to avoid pregnancy, not allow or encourage them to destroy precious human life at will! Human reproduction is not a political issue. It is a social responsibility we must assume if our species is to survive.

Ignorance of basic human physiology and human sexuality have resulted in the total disregard for human life that abortion is. Aborting a life because it is inconvenient is morally bereft of any logical reason.

Preventing pregnancy is called birth control. Teach birth control and respect for the power of human sexuality and drastically drop the numbers of humans being born. Birth control is not a political issue. Birth control is not something that should be ignored due to religious mandate.

Caryl Altemus



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