Last Friday, the National Park Service canceled a free concert by the U.S. Army Blues Band that was to have been at the Lincoln Memorial so they could start construction of a stage for President Donald Trump to give a speech.

The construction for the stage and an area for VIP’s means that the Lincoln Memorial and surrounding area are closed to tourists. Now one of America’s most important and most beloved memorials is closed during the Fourth of July.

How many people have made that once-in-a-lifetime trip to see our nation’s capital but now will not be allowed to walk through this beautiful memorial, read Lincoln’ words and see the amazing views of the Reflecting Pool and the Mall from the front of the Lincoln Memorial and Arlington Cemetery from the back?

Trump and the Republican Party do not seem to care about those people.

The Lincoln Memorial is one of the best places to watch the fireworks from and, until this year, anyone could go there. This year only people selected by the Republican Party will be able to be able to see the fireworks from there.

Republicans are refusing to say how many tax dollars are being spent on Trump’s celebration. They are refusing to allow hardworking taxpayers to visit one of America’s great memorials on the Fourth of July. Welcome to the Republican Party version of the Fourth of July: privileged people using tax dollars to enjoy themselves in privileged isolation.

Margaret Walsh


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