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I have a different perspective regarding speed cameras on Interstate-80 in LeClaire than Lynn Soenkson’s letter of Feb. 9.

Several times each week, I drive in both directions on I-80. Many drivers pass me going 80 miles per hour in this posted 65 miles per hour zone. The slightest driving mistake, mechanical failure or glance at a chirping phone at these high speeds can cause severe injury or death.

LeClaire is responsible for traffic safety on I-80 through the city limits. Our police, fire and EMT personnel respond to accidents on that stretch of highway. Although the city benefits from fine-related revenue, maintaining the speed limit minimizes the risk to other vehicles and first responders. For their safety and ours, it is important that all drivers adhere to posted speed limits.

I have noticed that in other areas, a "photo" warning is posted in advance of speed cameras. This warning should put drivers on alert. The real point of cameras is to slow down traffic.

Although I understand the value of increased tourism in our city, I believe it is subordinate to public safety.

Jim L. Collins


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