Letter: Questioning Rawson's qualifications

Letter: Questioning Rawson's qualifications


Assisting in finding a family pet does not qualify a person to be mayor of Davenport (Oct. 22 letter). To commiserate with Rita Rawson because her business office was closed due to the flood is insulting to the businesses that did suffer loss of revenue during the flood. I'm sure that Ms. Rawson continued her making money making money for people with money out of her home.

As to her professorship, she taught a course in cultural diversity online. It stretches the imagination the efficacy of a course on such an important subject taught sans the classroom and classmate experience.

And if you can print a letter (Oct. 25) inferring nefarious behavior by Mike Matson, citing emails and a questionable signature, you are certainly obligated to print that Matson was the only one not to jump on the "take the Civil Rights Commission down," organized and fueled by the city distaff behaving like high school girls. And that Rawson, who loves to introduce herself as a black woman at forums, did absolutely nothing while the important work and purpose of the Davenport Civil Rights Commission was put on hold due to that ridiculous attack on the Commission.

Genevieve Rafferty, Jr.



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