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Let's investigate real crime for a change. What was the justification for the Carter Page Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant? Why was Page described as an agent for a foreign power? Why was the FISA judge never told that the dossier was purchased by the opposing party? Why were there no hearings? Was the FISA warrant used to spy on anyone besides Page?

We know the decision not to indict Hillary Clinton was presented by a policeman, not a prosecutor. Attorney General Loretta Lynch claims to have recused herself. Certainly she had reason enough, yet we see no record of that. Her claim protected her from investigation for her clandestine meeting with Bill Clinton.

James Comey presuming to prosecute was at least a conflict of interest and possibly an obstruction of justice.

Regardless, a grand jury requires no more than probable cause, and probable cause certainly existed. Why were charges not brought for destroying evidence that was under subpoena? There was certainly no question of intent there.

Why was Hillary never put under oath? Obviously to protect her from perjury. From Lisa Page's (sworn) testimony, we do know the FBI was under instructions from Obama's Justice Department not to charge Hillary with a crime. Lisa Page's testimony also revealed false testimony by John Brennan. What was the function performed by the CIA? Where is that indictment? The Democrat's Department of Justice scorecard: Ruby Ridge, Waco, Fast and Furious, illegal FISA warrants.

Robert Stickling

Blue Grass

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