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Recently, some Bettendorf residents received leaflets encouraging them to be "proud of their white race." I would like to submit an open letter to the people behind the leaflets:

Dear White Supremacists,

I am not proud to be white. My skin color was an accident of birth, a roll of the genetic dice. I didn’t choose to be born white. It is not an accomplishment. I am only proud of things for which I have worked hard.

In the early '90’s, scientists came to the conclusion that race is an idea, but it doesn’t really exist. Yes, people have differently shaped noses and eyes. Yes, people have skin that varies from fish-belly white to dark brown, and an uncountable number of shades in between. However, advances in genetics show that we are all cousins. Some as distant as 50th cousins, but cousins nevertheless.

I dare you to Google, "does race really exist?" If you have an open mind, you might learn something.

Theresa Johnson


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