Tyler Power, of the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce, believes spending scarce government dollars on rail lines should be the "state's top infrastructure priority." How foolish. If there was a true need for this, it would have already been developed by the private sector. Because it hasn't suggests it is not economically viable or feasible.

Furthermore, Power cites a study that claims 60 percent of Quad-City tourists are from Chicago and that 98 percent of them drive to the area. That does nothing to help his claim. In fact, it suggests that people who want to come to the Quad Cities are already able to do so. Further, he claims there will be a "$25 million annual economic impact." My prediction: it will be more than that, although the impact will be negative. The state of Illinois can hardly afford a boondoggle like this. I hope its legislators, including Sen. Neil Anderson of Andalusia, will not waste precious funds on this project.

John Fletcher

Cedar Rapids

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