Please consider supporting Rita Rawson for mayor of Davenport. As our alderwoman in the 5th Ward, Rita has worked proactively to solve housing problems and has been extremely responsive to local challenges.

When I contacted Rita to discuss safety concerns with drive-through traffic at my small business, she visited me that day to better understand the situation.

Many of us drive through empty parking lots or alleys when we’re pressed for time (though we shouldn’t), but the number and speed of trespassing vehicles I was experiencing was truly dangerous. As we walked the property and discussed possible solutions, Rita examined the situation from several angles: Who should I speak to about public access specifications? Who should I contact at the Davenport Police Department? What costs might be involved, and what solutions could I put in place most expediently?

She offered contacts with the city and even made calls herself to explain my situation to others. In the following days I received calls from those Rita had reached out to on my behalf and learned a lot of information that has served me well in my business operations.

Rita reaches out to her constituents through meetings to inform us of resources, important issues, and to hear from us as well. She works closely with the Davenport Police Department to keep us safe. She is accessible and considerate.

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I believe Rita would run City Hall like a small business, and I feel we would all benefit from such an approach to local government.

Brigid Dodge

Owner, Java Station on Main


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