On the front page of the Quad-City Times (Sept. 26), Sen. Chuck Grassley said the impeachment of our troubled president is only sought by Trump haters.

I wrote the senator that my "dislike" of Mr. Trump had been earned by his actions and words. Examples of his behavior I listed were:

• Endangering our national security by alienating our main allies and embracing our main enemy, Russia;

• Mocking a national war hero, John McCain, and a handicapped reporter and Gold Star parents;

• Bragging about his many sexual assaults on women;

• Telling more than 12,000 lies since taking office (not yet 3 years);

• Not helping with, but contributing to, the climate change crisis, the number one issue of our life-time;

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• Using his office to daily violate the emoluments clause of the Constitution;

• Using the office to try to undermine a political rival with a foreign government under extreme stress from our main enemy, Russia.

There are at least 10 more reasons I have "dislike" for Mr. Trump, I wrote.

So I concluded: "Senator, open your eyes to the corruption all around you in this administration. Or are you simply a part of that corruption?"

Don Moeller


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