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In response to the letter from Michael Imhof, I agree the American flag represents many good qualities of this country. However, one cannot limit themselves to the good without recognizing the bad. When a person goes to their knee it is not a rejection of America but an understanding there are bad things that happen (e.g. a black men being unjustly killed), and we must recognize that also.

Only after becoming fully informed can one decide what is best for this country, and then stand up and speak out.

The Vietnam and Iraq wars were based on lies. The truth was out there. Thousands of American would be alive today if more people would have informed themselves of the facts and resisted the decision to go to war.

Our black men fought bravely during World War II but weren’t given equal opportunity for economic success after the war.

The very rich write and pass tax bills to make themselves richer with little regard for those that work and live in poverty with little or no health insurance.

The foundation of our government is good. However, it must be protected by the people being aware of what is the truth, and standing up to express themselves.

Jim Weibel

Long Grove

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