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Religious radicals, as a letter writer recently described them, are merely attempting to preserve our founding principles.

Our Constitution is not adequate to govern any, but a strong, moral, and deeply religious people who are radical enough to follow the law and work hard to make life better. Our freedom was defined by radical Christian extremists who actually believed in a supreme being. We willingly give you freedom as long as you do not force us to approve your immorality.

It is radical to claim to be female when DNA proves otherwise. Claiming something does not change fact.

At 20-weeks, there is a living, moving, recognizable life that ought not to be snuffed out merely for convenience. Our legislators used common sense.

There is a slippery slope to the good intentions of assisted suicide. Pass this law, and in 50 years you too may be judged inconvenient.

The place for religion is everywhere; in your heart, your mind, with your family, at your job, and while you play. Prayer is always; when you wake up, driving, eating, working, making plans and decisions. Your belief system defines who you are, what you do, and when you do it.

It defines how you choose to spend your money, your time and your talent. It guides you in choosing friends, your values, what you buy, and where you go. Radical? That is what Christianity is. Either you are or you aren’t. It is that simple. And yes, we all fall way short.

Ruth Johnson