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At long last Davenport now has a roundabout. With the one already in northeast Bettendorf, we now have two in the Iowa Quad-Cities.

A roundabout is a great solution to light and heavy traffic flow. It allows a steady flow of vehicles, no matter how busy it is. Entering vehicles seldom have to stop and when they do, it's just for a few moments, with no stoplights or stop signs to wait for. Nothing to stop the steady flow of traffic. Once drivers learn how to use it, they should marvel at how effective it is.

Only cardinal rule: All entering vehicles must yield to vehicles already inside the roundabout. Drivers can now make easy and safe and legal u-turns (unless otherwise marked).

I sincerely hope that the response is positive, and that this will lead to future roundabouts in the whole Quad-City area.

City of Davenport, thank you. The long wait is now over. Let the traffic flow freely.

Rick Sundin


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