Letter: Shame on you

Letter: Shame on you


Investigate, smear, investigate, fan the flames for the "Hate Trump" club. Can't you Democrats find anything more worthwhile to do? How about demanding Speaker Nancy Pelosi allow the Mexico/Canada trade bill that has been agreed upon by all parties to come up for a vote? It has bipartisan support and would pass both houses of Congress easily, and it would be good for everybody. Oh, I forgot; the big reason for not doing this is that President Trump would get credit for it. Shame on all of you.

I thought our senators and representatives were elected to do things that helped us citizens. Silly me. But then there are many other pressing problems and we know that in the long run these investigations/impeachment proceedings aren't going to really decide anything, so let's get to work. That goes for both parties.

Don C. Schutter



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