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As I watched Red, White and Boom from the Davenport riverfront, I was reminded again that Davenport is the only city of any size on the Mississippi River that does not have a quiet zone in the downtown area. Two large train engines blasted their horns as they drove through the downtown area in the middle of the fireworks celebration. The train horns blast in the middle of River Bandits games, in the middle of all the activities and festivals down on the levy, including the Quad City Symphony Pops Concert.

It is time for Davenport to get serious, appoint a committee and work through the process to establish a quiet zone downtown. Clinton has a quiet zone, Dubuque has a quiet zone, Burlington has a quiet zone, Muscatine has a quiet zone. If you don't know what to do, call any or all of these cities' administrators for some advice and direction about their experience getting a quiet zone established.

Contact the railroad for the requirements. Do something to get started and get rid of those loud train horns blaring in the middle of all riverfront events and activities.

Margaret McNamara