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Any Quad-Cities resident knows the headache of spring and summer road repairs. As I write this, Middle Road, and especially right at my driveway, is undergoing work. Now, let it be clear that I am not complaining about the work being done or the hassle of my driveway torn up. We manage.

The driving public is my rant. Oh, most have slowed down with all the signage, road workers and orange barricades that make it apparent to anyone driving this street. But sometimes I wish these road signs were posted all year.

Lots of folks use Olympia Drive as a “shortcut” to avoid the Spruce Hills-Interstate 74 exchange. It is common for drivers to come to that intersection, and if they see no close traffic, they just swing out onto Middle Road without a stop at all. Likewise, when eastbound and trying to turn into my driveway, the same problem. Don’t even get me started on the drivers who leave the 18th Street light and try to run over me when I have my turn signal flashing, signaling my intention to turn into my driveway.

Why can’t people drive as cautiously on normal roads as they do in the construction zones?

Vicky Danielson