Hold on, Elizabeth Warren. Are you really too proud to appear on Fox News, and Jennifer Rubin, you support this view? (Quad-City Times column, May 21).

Vast segments of the population watch Fox News every day. It may be their only news source. Do you want to say "no" to this group of Americans?

I believe that many who view Fox News are not adverse to, nor incapable of, understanding a different point of view. Get up there and explain what you believe. Give this audience a chance to consider a different side of the coin. They will take a moment to listen. Follow the lead of Pete Buttigieg. Fox viewers were able to see what a reasonable and intelligent person he is. I believe he had some impact.

Ms. Rubin says Democrats must attract the younger voter. Does she really believe young people don't watch Fox News? Stop coming off as intellectual elitists. If you won't speak to the other side, even when asked, where is the way forward? To withhold yourself and your ideas looks selfish, close-minded and a little snobby. The Fox News viewer may not see your message anywhere else. Get with it and speak to all the citizens.

Teresa Mesich

Rock Island

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