The Democratic Party has become "The Party of Dung." They take piles of dung and twist and mold it in a treasonable attempt to take down the president.

President Trump inherited an executive branch from former President Barack Obama that was completely corrupted from the White House though the IRS, the State Department, the FBI, and whole Justice Department, including the CIA and it's still in place after three years of Trump's term, making it impossible for the president to trust anyone around him.

Democrats need the media's help to spread these concocted claims so I guess we must now refer to our national media as "manure spreaders." Many of these corrupt officials in the Justice Department are now being employed by these manure spreaders like CNN.

If Trump can survive long enough to clear this swamp we'll find out if the media is actually master-minding this illegal activity or just spreading it.

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Millions of Americans see through this dung, but all this is really aimed at our young or uneducated who don't realize dung when they see it and many times not even after stepping in it.

With Bernie with heart issues, is it now down to Joe Biden, or do Democrats have another corrupted candidate for the nomination? Remember when Joe starts running his mouth, with his brain in neutral, no one is quite sure what type of nonsense will be coming out of his mouth.

Don Erbst Sr.


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