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The most disturbing part of Stephen Stouffer’s recent letter, "How will we pay for nirvana?" (Feb. 5) is that he represents too many who still do not grasp the magnitude of the climate catastrophe that has, in truth, already begun.

Regardless that of all the finest minds in the meteorological and atmospheric sciences have been warning us for decades about what’s coming, and oblivious to the mounting and irrefutable evidence, the deniers and minimizers keep prattling on as if they are still relevant contributors to a debate that is over. Meanwhile, the window for significant action against it is quickly closing.

Incredibly, while most of the developed world is working aggressively to reduce CO2 emissions, the United States has actually reversed course. We should be leading the charge on all fronts.

Instead, under the leadership of President Trump and his merry band of ex-fossil-fuel-lobbyists-turned-cabinet-members, prodded by the very powerful Big Energy lobby, we are allowing and even encouraging more drilling, fracking and coal extraction, while simultaneously dismantling many of the environmental protections enacted by previous administrations.

It is no surprise then that Mr. Trump did not utter a single word on this, the greatest challenge of our time, in his State of the Union address. Not a word. Moving forward, we need to elect people to the highest offices who recognize climate change for the crisis that it is and are eager to make it a top priority. If we don’t, the calamities our children and grandchildren will suffer are on us.

Geoff Loving


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