A recent letter writer penned a response to another letter titled “Republicanisms,” (July 20) and I guess a response is in line for the second letter writer.

I give credit to the writer pertaining to his claim about the debt increasing dramatically under President Obama, but it has risen exponentially higher under President Trump, who also promised the opposite.

In another instance, the letter writer claims that gay marriage is not supported by the majority of the public. Unless the letter was written in 2004, this is simply not true.

In the case of the Iraq War, it was the United States that went to war with Iraq on faulty intelligence provided by a Republican administration. Interesting how Republicans will give credibility to a United Nations report to justify the action back then while today believing the United Nations has no credibility.

Finally the author writes that the country needs to move on issues like infrastructure, health care and immigration. On all of these issues, action does need to be taken.

Infrastructure spending was another promise from the president that, to date, has not been kept. On the issue of health care, Trump is attempting to remove coverage for millions, in particular those with pre-existing conditions. On immigration, he was offered a deal less than a year ago that he initially accepted — until some of the hard-liners surrounding him talked him out of it.

It is indeed past the time to quit lying, and it should start in our local opinion pages.

Gregg Johnson

East Moline


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