Kerry Etringer (in Wednesday’s Quad-City Times) complains that he has a huge problem with the idea of student loan forgiveness, even though his college education was subsidized by the government through the G.I. Bill; and that his employer paid 75 percent of his tuition.

My granddaughter started working in high school and worked all the way through university. She received some help from her family, but none from the taxpayers or her employers, unlike Mr. Etringer. She did receive some financial aid from the university for maintaining a grade point average above 3.5, but she also delayed marriage and starting a family so she could concentrate on her education, again unlike Mr. Etringer.

She graduated in 2012 with a degree in occupational therapy, an essential occupation in our community.

Now she is trying to pay off a student loan debt in the amount of $136,000, with interest rates as high as 9.4%.

She and Kerry should compare problems.

Steve Sinner


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