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Letter: Support each other for the betterment of all

Letter: Support each other for the betterment of all


I just read the letter to the editor in today’s paper (Oct. 8) and I do not share the author’s sentiment.

Why are we, the "most" people, so d--- afraid of those "fewer" people with millions and billions of dollars income who think they are so savvy to escape paying their fair share in taxes? There are more of us than there are of them and we (the "most" people) can outvote them.

We need to commit ourselves to not letting our emotions and fears carry our actions. We need to step back, put ourselves in our neighbors’ shoes and support each other for the betterment of the most of us, not the upper crust that is hardened and does not want to let us break through and prosper along with them. Don’t they know that they prosper in the long run when we all prosper? Just think about it. Vote your conscience, not your fear. Be brave in the land of the brave. Let us hit the upper crust together and we will make our country better for all of us, not just for some of them. And there won’t be a state in this country left for them to run from or to. And believe me, they do want to stay in this country. It is the greatest democratic republic in the world and I feel lucky to have been born here.

Patricia Dexter



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