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Letter: The GOP's strategy is baffling

Letter: The GOP's strategy is baffling

I’m not seeing a positive ending for the GOP strategy concerning the pandemic. Since the beginning, the strategy appeared to be that COVID-19 was not going to be much of a problem. Citizens should ignore the science and go about their lives without following the CDC guidelines. We did not need to wear masks, social distance and avoid crowds.

Some Republicans decided that not wearing a mask was a political statement (rather than an IQ test). Mask mandates were an affront to personal freedom instead of being a sign of respect for fellow citizens. Hosting super spreader events across the country was another questionable GOP activity.

The GOP was quick to point out that the Trump administration was responsible for vaccine development. Then the Trump administration dropped the ball on vaccine distribution. There was no plan to get shots into arms. Trump lost the election and a new administration got to work. However, some Republicans decided, once again, that a health issue would be a political issue. They would take the advice of right-wing media conspiracy theorists and not get a vaccine.

Now we have two America’s: the vaccinated and the unvaccinated (mostly red states). The Delta variant is more contagious and hits the unvaccinated hardest. Most of the COVID deaths that occur now are unvaccinated citizens. Why would the Republicans want to be responsible for the deaths of voters? This seems to be another voter-suppression attempt gone awry.

Faith Endresen



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