Yes to Jim Fitzpatrick's letter (Jan. 26) on snow "removal." It is interesting to note that the syndrome of the great snow plow speedway is also happening in Moline too; that's a town mostly considered to have better services/policies.

I have lived at this address for 32 years. There was never snow rubble flung on just-cleared walks for years; now it seems a standard practice by a few operators. Fortunately, many operators still have a sense or responsibility/pride in their work.

Solutions? Call your alderman, go to ward meetings, write letters with copies to the city hierarchy (calls are ineffective) and organize against this insult to citizens. Ironically, owners may be sued by anyone falling on "uncleared" walks. Side note: keep your letters of complaint on file for that possibility. At least you may have a legal tool. 

Richard Wells


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