All sides need to take a deep breath. The inflammatory language coming out of Washington — and the stories and commentary that accompanies it — has become so destructive that our political systems have become even more dysfunctional.

This is not in the best interests of our country.

Who started it? Does it matter? The only thing that matters now is who is going to be wise and humble enough to change the tone. For those of us listening to all this rhetoric, I would suggest that if the language we hear is inflammatory, we should change the channel (the ratings will suffer) or challenge the speaker.

With that in mind, I hope that some local hero was courageous enough to challenge George Papadopoulos, who was speaking in Bettendorf and used the word "coup d’etat" to describe what is happening in Washington. The origin of that word is with Napolean’s use of torture, murder, poisonings and secret executions to eliminate political foes.     

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The hyperbole is not helpful. What is needed is dialogue. All sides need to appeal to their higher calling and focus on solving our nation’s problems.

Dan Ebener


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