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When the writers of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights completed the Second Amendment and submitted it for ratification in 1789, if they had used 2018 linguistic skills to state what they meant, this is how the Second Amendment might have been written:

“All white men shall have the fundamental right to possess rifles and, if called upon, be required to serve in a well-regulated National Guard created and armed by each state to fight Indians and slaves who might rebel or cause insurrections because the Congress of the United States shall not be allowed to appropriate funds for more than two years to support a standing Army.”

It would be helpful if all persons debating and deciding issues over whether the right to bear arms is a fundamental right guaranteed to all citizens by the Second Amendment, realized the substantially flawed, out-of-date intent of that 229-year old run-on sentence that would likely be graded D- by a modern English teacher concerned about the proper use of grammar.

Ralph W. Heninger