Democrats, you were wrong.

Republicans condemn Democrats for opposing the bill that would help us Iowans and Nebraskans dig our way out of the tragic abyss in which the recent flooding has left us, and I am with them. Until age 18, I was a farm boy and am aware of what floods and drought and winter storms can do to the land. Of course, this flood also attacked our cities.

But I spent a year in the Puerto Rico that Democrats are defending and recall how well I was received. I observed, too, the damage inflicted by a hurricane that only brushed San Juan. Clearly their two recent hurricanes have damaged the island more than the flood-damaged Iowa. Bad as our plight is, theirs has been worse. Not only was the damage greater but the assistance much less, especially because much of it arrived late or was not sent at all.

While approving funds for Iowa and Nebraska, Democrats should denounce, long and loudly, the incredibly harsh treatment Puerto Rico has received from Donald Trump and remind Americans that citizens of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico are just as much U.S. citizens as those in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Donald C. Hawley


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