Please explain this to me using small words: The city fathers and mothers of Davenport and Bettendorf have committed their respective fire departments to support each other in an area of east Davenport and west Bettendorf.

So the structure fires, vehicle accidents, strokes, heart attacks, child traumas and all other 911 calls will get the attention of more fire crews?

We all know that this already happens in any catastrophic situation that boils over. These people don't stop at borders. But, wait. Maybe it's just temporary until Davenport can get its department up to full strength, despite years of municipal excuses and foot-dragging. Or maybe Bettendorf has a real plan for additional fire stations and honest-to-goodness support for its few fire heroes. Nope. Just take a step back and see the real reason: Money. No need for the Davenport Fire Department to keep asking. No need for the Bettendorf Fire Department to keep wishing. We'll all get along just fine — until it's your catastrophe.

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Roger Ossowski


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