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What is love? Do you have an answer? Do I have an answer? The song, "The Rose," dissects the nature of love quite well. The Bible, in 1 Corinthians, Chapter 13, does an excellent portrayal of how love works.

We say we love a certain car or a certain food or a certain event. Then we say we love a certain person as a good friend or family member. Further, we love a certain person in a deeper, more intimate way.

For Valentine's Day, we give or send cards with mushy love messages to convey different levels of love. We have expressed our love with those cards. Also, we feel really good when we receive those cards. We feel special. Although we can give without loving, we cannot love without giving – when we love, we give.

There is a love that excels all other loves. There is a love that only comes from the true source of the most genuine love in all existence. Without this love, we cannot truly give a meaningful love.

The source of this love is the source of all life, the source of all that exists. The source of this love is God the Father, who gave his only son, to make it possible for all mankind to live with him for eternity. As we accept our need for him, receive him into our lives and live for him, we can receive and share this love with every one we meet. Only then can we truly have a happy Valentine's Day.

Jerry Willis


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