Letter: The winning duo

Letter: The winning duo


There have been many winning duos. Now, the Democrats have another (but do they know it?).

It's Joe and Pete.

Who has taken Trump on most effectively? Joe. Who has presented the most balanced program to follow his election? Pete. Who scares Trump most? Joe. Who speaks seven languages he’s used abroad? Pete. Who has studied the world’s military chessboard most? Joe. Who has served in the U.S. armed forces? Pete.

Who has spoken out strongly against Trump’s destructive presidency? Both. Who has condemned his robbing of the poor to benefit the rich? Both. Who has emphasized that the president of the United States is responsible for the wellbeing of all citizens and guests? Both.

Who has spoken of the necessity of reestablishing mutually beneficial ties with other democratic nations? Both. Who has emphasized the necessity of preserving our land, our planet? Both.

Who could criticize them for being too old or too young? No one — not if they are governing together. And I have just begun to list their accomplishments. (Of course both want to be president, but Pete might be willing to serve as vice president temporarily.)

Here I address not only those who usually go to the caucus, but every citizen who believes in the American ideals proclaimed by patriots such as Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Kennedy: Go to your caucus. Take along your significant other and friends and relatives. Say this: "Honey, you caucus for Joe and I‘ll caucus for Pete."

Donald C. Hawley



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