I do a lot of errands around town, and I can't believe what I see. People need to check the sewer that the water runs into right next to the curb. If there is one near your house, or if you are just taking a walk, keep your eyes open. I see limbs, trash, gallon jugs, grass etc., clogging the grates, and as a result there is nowhere the water can go.

When you cut your grass, please turn your mower so the grass doesn't blow out onto the street. Make sure the grates are cleaned off so the water can flow freely. Also, motorcycles can't stop on grass; their tires aren't made for that.

So much trash is thrown out of cars: drink cups, papers, paper bags, etc. Wouldn't it be just as easy to carry a bag inside of your car and throw your trash in your trash can?

We are getting lazy. Lets do the right thing. I hope people are reading my letter, and they care.

Karen Fischlein


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