Mr. Grothus, thank you for responding on Sept. 15 to my letter to the editor of Sept. 6. Here is another version of Bible interpretation on climate change.

Genesis tells the story of the creation. God gave human beings dominion over the earth and all the creatures. Humans have a responsibility to this beautiful world that God created.

When Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, they defied God and tasted the apple (the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil). This forever gave humankind free will. Humans can choose good or evil.

We have been given this paradise, but we are destroying it by defiling the air and the water and causing massive animal extinction. The earth is a treasure in a universe that is cold and without life. It is a gift from God.

God has given us a choice (free will). We can continue to destroy the earth (bringing about our own destruction) or we can choose protect it.

What is the risk if we clean the air and the water and you turn out to be right and we didn’t need to? Worst case scenario, we get clean water and clean air.

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Does preserving the air and the water go against God? No.

What is the risk if it's the scientists who are right and human behavior is bringing about climate change? We will live in an unimaginable world of climate chaos.

It is our choice. We must choose wisely, the stakes couldn’t be higher and time is running out.

Jane B. Cranston

North Liberty

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