It was a close one but Nancy and Charlie’s team lost — a close play at third and a called third strike ended the game. But Nancy and Charlie’s parents had a different view of the outcome. They charged the field and verbally assaulted the umpires. The kids tugged at their parents' coats, telling them, "The game is over. It’s time to go home." They were embarrassed.

It’s not good when assigned roles and responsibilities are reversed. That seems to have happened in Washington. The Judicial branch is writing law with court decisions and Congress has decided its role is investigation, judge and jury.

Contact your congressional representatives. Tell Congress to go back to their primary responsibility: writing legislation. The citizens need Congress to address urgent issues: national debt, illegal immigration, infrastructure, health care . . .

When Congress persists in vengeful investigation, the "kids" need to tug at their coattails and holler, "The game is over. It’s time to go home."

Reg Shoesmith


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