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The Sept. 5, edition of the QC Times contains some of the most blatant proof of bias ever printed.

Stories appeared on both A1 and A15 from Associated Press reporters Mark Sherman and Lisa Mascaro about the Democratic Party circus at the Senate hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. The stories were almost word-for-word repeats with different headlines. It's like the Quad-City Times was saying their reader's were so stupid they need to present the story twice to make sure they get it.

In that same edition, stories appeared on A3 and A15 are from Zeke Miller of the Associated Press regarding the Bob Woodward alleged tell all book. Yes, that's the book making a mockery of President Trump. Again, both articles were almost completely word-for-word. The Times again thought its readers were so stupid they need a repeat.

Your utter contempt for the intelligence of your readership comes through loud and clear. The only way you can make it any more blatant is to print at the top of every page, "We hate Trump, so you should too."

Les Shields


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